Award season launches with nominations

Award season launches with nominations

As the year changes to 2018, it’s time to think about beginning an application for yourself or nominate others for one of MIPA’s individual state awards!

It’s a great way to recognize people in the journalism profession who are accomplishing amazing things or helping you to do the same.

These awards are closely aligned with the national awards given by JEA and winners of the state award are encouraged to apply at the national level. Here are links to the awards and their due dates!

To recognize outstanding student achievement in scholastic journalism. For high school seniors with a minimum of two years of experience on staff. Cash award. Requires significant portfolio. Get started now!

For outstanding high school journalism advisers and to recognize their exemplary work throughout their careers.

For exceptional journalism advisers in their first five years of advising, these “rising stars” should show a commitment to journalism education, improving the media program(s) at their school and empowering their scholastic journalism students.

To honor an administrator who supports and provides outstanding service to journalism in our schools.

Recognizing excellence and dedication of any person or group giving outstanding service to scholastic journalism and/or to MIPA.

Given to a person, or people, who have provided outstanding service to scholastic or minority journalism and/or who have furthered student freedom of expression in Missouri.

Given to a media outlet or publication, person, or people who have provided outstanding support to scholastic journalism either to an individual school, a school district, or MIPA, in some form.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing all of your nominations!