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2021 All Missouri Winners–Photography

Academic Photo

Liberty High School–Lectures in Politics–Hattie  Ludwig

Lectures in Politics. Senior Aryana Yazdi looks up at debate teacher Tim Baldwin as he talks about the political atmosphere on the news. Yazdi has been in debate for four (4) years, participating in the Lincoln-Douglas and Policy categories. “Debate is definitely a lot of work. I put a lot of hours into my cases, and it shows in my tournament outcomes,” said Yazdi.

Staley High School–Legacy yearbook: Lively Experiments–Selena Escutia

Filling their pipettes, juniors Reece Corda and Van Hamilton participate in an Honors Biology lab Nov. 2. The class measured levels of respiration based on activity level. “It gave a sense of normalcy, and it was more fun than sitting and taking notes like we’ve been doing since the beginning of the year,” said Corda.

Platte County High School–Fire Hands–Claire Lowry

Eye goggles pulled tight, junior Cole Rhoden volunteers for the light lab on Dec. 3. Students in Chemistry 1 classes dipped their hands in water and then scooped methane bubbles before having their hands lit on fire. “I was scared that my hands were actually going to get burned,” Rhoden said. “The flames were cold on my hands, and it didn’t feel like they were even on fire.” Photo by: Claire Lowry

Notre Dame de Sion High School–OVER AND OUT–Sophia Allen

Testing out her physics class’s new landing basket, senior Pritika Manna lets go of the first egg over the peace garden wall Dec. 1. The goal of the experiment was to construct a basket as a class out of 10 pieces of paper that would keep each dropped egg from breaking. “I felt a lot of pressure that at one point I had to hold the egg up over my head and close my eyes,” Manna said. “But the best thing was working together with my classmates.” (PHOTO I SOPHIA ALLEN)

Notre Dame de Sion High School–NAILED IT–Sophia Allen

Before the bells the rings, freshman Claire Boma adds a dab of more fake blood to the nail glued on her hand during Theatre Tech class Oct. 27. Students were taught how to apply special effects makeup using a variety of tools such as wax, glue, and face paint. “The fake blood was very fun to add because it was the final element of my project,” Boma said. “It kinda grossed me out but I loved seeing what everyone came up with.” (PHOTO I SOPHIA ALLEN)

Photo Illustration

St. Teresa’s Academy–Education experiment–Claire Smith and Becca  Speier

Junior Lissette Sessler sits working on her computer during her history class Aug. 28. During class, students are divided by plastic shields that separate each student.

Liberty North High School–Virtually Connected–Audrey Culver

This is a photo illustration where she took the photos of the students and made silhouettes of them. The headline and story were included so the viewer would see why there isn’t an image in the upper right hand corner because of the headline overlap.

North Kansas City High School–Summer Survival (Flat Lay)–Nora Hosic

THE PHOTO STORY OF MY SUMMER: Freshman Nora Hosic created this flat lay photograph of some of her favorite activities and items that helped her survive a summer of social distancing and staying at home. She explained: “These items helped me deal with the pandemic because they provided me with happiness when I was having a tough time. Specifically for the drawing aspect, I like to let out my emotions in a form of creativity, so if I am feeling upset, happy, angry, or anything in between, my works reflect that. I chose to include a lot of the items because I use them in my daily life, and I find them very important to me,” Hosic said.


Liberty High School–Listen Up–Brynna Namanny

LISTEN UP. Junior Patrick Sheeley turns for a smile at the Johnnie’s restaurant located at the new B&B theatre in Liberty. Sheeley was given the opportunity to perform late nights to provide entertainment to the customers eating their food. “I really enjoy being able to show off my passion in music to other people. B&B theatres provides a comfortable environment, with very nice staff, and I am very thankful to have been given this opportunity,” Sheeley said.

Liberty High School–At Max Capacity–Charlene Nguyen

At max capacity. Senior and homecoming queen candidate Avry Asby stands in front of the crowd with a family friend on FaceTime to experience this moment with her. A limited number of tickets were given to the court, football players, cheerleaders, sapphires, and band to give to family and friends, making this experience limited to a few people.”Being on court is a big deal. Although they weren’t able to celebrate this night with me in person, we figured it out and adapted,” said Asby.

Rock Bridge High School–Overexposed: Self-portrait–Parker Boone

Senior Parker Boone posed for a self-portrait so he could reflect on how he’s improved as a photographer.

Platte County High School–Boss of the Band–Abby Bradley

With the attention from the band, senior Lillian Putney leads the instrumentalists. They are performing their show music, High Hopes, and Blinding Lights at the Homecoming assembly. “It was nice that we were outside, and there wasn’t as much blast in your face,” Putney said. “I’m glad we got to do it, and I hope we get to do it again.” Photo by: Abby Bradley

Sports Action

Liberty High School—Touchdown–Charlene Nguyen

Touchdown. Varsity football player and sophomore Anthony Wenson sprints for the endzone at the Sept 11 game against Lee’s Summit North as his team cheers him on. Wenson’s first year on the varsity team, he strives to continue to do his best with each play.  “Right now we’re undefeated with our 7-0 record, we all want to do the best we can to play as long as we can this season,” Wenson said.

Liberty North High School—Butterfly–Brinn Patterson

With the clock ticking down, Briggs Maynor (11) narrows the time between him and his Park Hill competitors on Sept. 22 at the Liberty Community Center. While the men improved their overall times, they struggled with missing their usual bonding activities. “I wish we had pasta parties but that was able to happen this year,” Chris Hunter (10) said. “This year I was able to have a better time than last year.” photo by Brinn Patterson

Liberty North High School–Hand off–Caitlyn Burns

Feeling the pressure of playing in state semifinals, Samuel Van Dyne (10) hands off the ball to Zacrye Willingham-Davis (12) on Nov. 21. “My favorite thing about eagle football is the brotherhood,” Zach Rash (12) said. “I truly felt they have my back.”  photo by Catilyn Burns

Rock Bridge High School–RBHS volleyball looks to postseason after defeating Hannibal High School–Ana Manzano

Senior middle hitter Kelly Barnes and senior outside hitter Emma Roush jump to block Hannibal High School’s Bella Falconer at the varsity volleyball game Thursday, Oct. 8.

Staley High School–Talon magazine: Kendrick’s Dunk–Landyn Goldberg

During the C.W. Stessman Invitational championship game against Liberty, senior Kendrick Stone rises up to throw down a dunk on an opposing Liberty High School Jan. 22. That dunk helped shift momentum back in Staley’s favor, leading them on to a run which propelled them to a 67-45 victory. “We really needed that momentum,” said Stone. “We were in a big championship game, so everything just shifted our way after that dunk, and we kept playing together.”

Oak Park High School–Eat My Dust–Christina Nguyen

Sophomore Haley Brown catches the ball on Wednesday, Sept. 9. This will be Brown’s 11 year playing softball. “My favorite thing about softball is getting to meet new people and play with my friends,” said Brown.

Oak Park High School–Playing Keep Away–Christina Nguyen

Senior Samuel Salgado kicks the ball during the Varsity vs Staley game on Saturday, Oct.10. Salgado played varsity soccer for four years and made many memories with the soccer team. “The fact that I’ve been playing it for so long and how much fun it is to play soccer with my friends is just the best,” said Salgado.

University City High School–Every so often–John Ruland

Every so often, someone else’s missed shot leads to an opportunity. “I caught a rebound, and I dunked it,” Carlton Thomas, junior, said. “One of my teammates shot it, and they air balled, so I caught it off the backboard. When I made that shot, I felt excited — I felt more ready than I did before.”

Warsaw High School—Layup–Gracie Comer

Senior point guard Trey Palmer gets some air as he aims for the hoop against the Butler Bears in the Warsaw Tournament. Palmer gained his 1,000th career point during his senior season.

Warsaw High School–Touchdown Dive–Brooke Spry

Sophomore Cameron Seevers dives for the end zone against the Versailles Tigers on Sept. 4. The Wildcats won with a score of 42-14.

Sports Reaction

Lee’s Summit North High School—Football–Jessica Baker

Cheering next to Xavier Winston, 10, Logan Muckey, 12, gets ready for the game. Our greatest strengths this year are in our passing game and defense. “I think the virus has brought us closer together. We look out for each other a whole lot more because of it, and we definitely don’t take anything for granted nowadays because you never know when it could be taken away,” Muckey said. Muckey hoped to finish the season with a State championship and planned to play football in college.

Willard High School–Bad Call–Megan Fox

Football head coach Brock Roweton reacts heatedly toward an unfavorable call against his players during a home game versus Nixa Sept. 11. Roweton does his best to advocate for his players and helps his athletes grow as a player and as a person. “I really look up to coach Roweton because he can be a head coach and father/family man all at once,” Cole Keeton (12) said. “He has pushed me to be a better athlete and a better person at the same time.”

Staley High School–Legacy yearbook: Shocked on the Sidelines–Emma Thom

On the sidelines, juniors Zachary Sherwood, Anderson Hendershot and assistant coach Jared Simmons watch the play Oct. 9. Varsity defense made an important play and stop the opponents from making a first down, and they won 45-6 against Oak Park High School. “I felt excited and a bit worried that it wasn’t going to go right, but after the play I was extremely excited because our defense made the stop,” said Sherwood. Photo by Emma Thom

Platte County High School–State Football–Raena Sinclair

Slumped on the sidelines, senior Colby Rollins receives a hug from coach Derek Yost. After the game, Rollins’ teammates comforted him after the loss. “As the game unfolded, we obviously didn’t get the result we wanted,” Yost said. “Our fans were supportive the entire game.” Photo by: Raena Sinclair

Notre Dame de Sion High School–SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT–Lauren Smith

On the lookout for the finishing runners at the Richmond Invitational Oct. 2, senior and cross country manager Mary Hudak waits in anticipation to record final times for the team to fulfill one of her many tasks her role requires. Before recording the final stretch, Hudak gathers times at multiple checkpoints throughout each meet’s course. “I panic trying to get there before the runners, but it is such a thrilling experience,” Hudak said. “It’s helpful to get multiple times so each runner knows where she can pace herself and improve.” (PHOTO l LAUREN SMITH)

Student Life/Organizations

Liberty North High School–Raking for change–Preston Denmark

RAKING up the leaf pile she created, Kaeleigh Cooper (11) works with Lance Reiter (10) and Duncan Sanford (12) cleans a community member’s yard on Nov 8 for Key Club”I’ve helped with a couple of highway cleanup activities,” Duncan Sanford (12) said. “It doesn’t help anyone specifically in the context of this year, but I’m sure people are grateful the roads are clean, and it’s always a good thing to lose myself in serving.” photo by Preston Denmark

Ray-Pec High School—Decorate–Emma Gomez

Decorate. Painting a sign, senior Delaney Taylor prepares for the Saving Christmas service project. Members of Student Senate, National Honor Society, and Student Leadership Team all participated in the service projects.

Rock Bridge High School–Accidental shots fired–Desmond Kisida

Castmates Will Andrews and Nora Croom share the spotlight during rehearsal of the RBHS theater department’s fall musical, Lucky Stiff, Nov. 18.

Staley High School–Talon magazine: Clue – Character’s Death—Landyn Goldberg

Falling to the ground, senior Tyler Richards acts out his character’s death in the “Clue” dress rehearsal Feb. 4 in the Performing Arts Center. Richards played the Butler, which was a bigger role during the performance. “I didn’t think I was going to get the role at all,” said Richards. “When I did get it, I was a little intimidated because my character has such a prominent role and so many lines and stuff. I was a little worried.” (Photo by Landyn Goldberg adviser)

Kearney High School–Circle of Life–Morgan Wood

Junior Maleah Bell dances to “The Circle of Life” in “The Lion King” scene to start the fall musical, which contained songs from multiple Broadway musicals in order to form their own story. The student-written script told how Broadway shut down due to the coronavirus, and the difficulties around getting it started again. “I think my favorite part honestly wasn’t even being on stage. It was more just being around everyone and hanging out with them,” junior Ellarie Haggart said. “Obviously, I liked being on stage and doing my own song in ‘All That Jazz,’ but I did like just being around my friends for hours on end while putting on the show.”