Administrator of the Year

MIPA strives to honor administrators who support journalism in our schools. To recognize an administrator who has provided outstanding service to journalism, a teacher or students can nominate him or her.

For example, an administrator might have helped build a strong journalism program or defended the program from criticism. The administrator might have fought battles for the school press, student press freedom, or may have provided exceptional or out-of-the ordinary resources for the program.

The components of the Missouri AOY process align with those of the national JEA AOY process.

The nominating teacher should submit an application including a letter of nomination and supporting materials to the judge and the MIPA office using the online submission form by deadline: Feb. 5, 2022

  • Application: Administrator of the Year
    • In the letter of nomination, please explain the kind of support given and ensure the reason for your nomination is clear.
    • Current photo
    • Please complete the submission form.
  • The nominating teacher may choose to add optional* supporting documents, which would help the judge make a decision:
    • Up to three additional one-page letters of support
    • A one-page resume of the nominee
    • Copies of articles or links to articles about or by the nominee (limit four pages)
    • Please scan and upload as .PDF or .JPG files to the submission form

* The optional supporting materials are required at the national level, but not for the state level.

SUBMIT ALL MATERIALS using our Online Submission Form

DEADLINE: Friday, Feb. 5, 2022

The honoree and/or the nominator will be invited to prepare a 30-second acceptance video to run at the spring Journalism Day on the MU campus.

2022 JUDGES: MIPA-MJEA Board of Directors members who do not have an administrator nominated.

QUESTIONS: If you have questions about the process, please contact the MIPA-MJEA office at [email protected]

Past state honorees include:

  • 1970 – Armin H. Bueker, Superintendent, Marshall
  • 1971 – W. L. Bowden, Principal, North Kirkwood High School, Kirkwood
  • 1972 – Marvin E. Fleming, Principal, Jefferson City Senior High School, Jefferson City
  • 1973 – Hal Johnson, Superintendent, Adrian Public Schools, Adrian
  • 1974 – LeRoy Brown, Principal, Truman High School, Independence
  • 1975 – Walter Bruens, Superintendent, Harrisonville Public Schools, Harrisonville
  • 1976 – Bud Routh, Principal, Camdenton High School, Camdenton
  • 1977 – William G. McCrary, Principal, Grandview High School, Grandview
  • 1978 – Donald Duchek, Principal, Kirkwood High School, Kirkwood
  • 1979 – Dr. Robert Blaine, Principal, Blue Springs High School, Blue Springs
  • 1980 – H. Mitchell Hanna, Principal, Maryville High School, Maryville
  • 1981 – Dahlman J. Davis, Principal, Odessa High School and Thomas Herrick, Principal, William Chrisman High School, Independence
  • 1982 – Donald Shull, Superintendent, Raymore-Peculiar Public Schools, Peculiar
  • 1983 – Dean Collopy, Principal, Center High School, Kansas City
  • 1984 – Dr. Gary Chesley, Assistant Principal, Parkway Central High School, Chesterfield
  • 1985 – William Gist, Principal, Hillcrest High School, Springfield
  • 1986 – William McCrary, Larry Downing and Keith Tempel, Grandview High School, Grandview
  • 1987 – R.C. Ramsey, Principal, Savannah High School, Savannah
  • 1988 – Ed Ferguson, Superintendent, Mexico Public Schools, Mexico
  • 1989 – Franklin McCallie, Principal, Kirkwood High School, Kirkwood
  • 1990 – Dr. Clark Cilek, Principal, St. Charles West High School, St. Charles
  • 1991 – Dr. Larry Humphries, Francis Howell North High School, St. Charles, and Principal Dr. Thomas Keating, Kirkwood R-7 Schools, Superintendent
  • 1992 – Dr. John Laurie, Principal, Hillcrest High School, Springfield
  • 1993 – Molly J. Clemons, Vice Principal, Truman High School, Independence
  • 1994 – Robert Perry, Superintendent, Mansfield School District, Mansfield
  • 1996 – Terry Salfan, Associate Principal, Hazelwood Central High School, Florissant
  • 1997 – Don Hugo, Principal, Clayton High School, St. Louis
  • 1998 – Dr. Robert Watkins, Superintendent, Independence School District, Independence
  • 1999 – Gary Drummond, Principal, Rockwood Summit School District, Fenton
  • 2000 – Bennie Cain, Principal, Oak Park High School, Kansas City
  • 2001 – Dr. Richard Pemberton, Principal, Jefferson City High School, Jefferson City
  • 2002 – Dr. Don Senti, District Superintendent, Clayton High School, St. Louis; and Joe Petrich, Principal, Waynesville Middle School, Waynesville
  • 2003 – Dwight Jones, Principal, Boonville High School, Boonville
  • 2005 – David Laughlin, Rockhurst High School, Kansas City
  • 2006 – Dr. Phil Wright, Liberty High School, Liberty
  • 2007 – Dr. Darlene Jones, Principal, Francis Howell North High School, St. Charles
  • 2008 – Dr. Kathy Ritter, Principal, Rock Bridge High School, Columbia
  • 2009 – Dr. Keith Shahan, Headmaster, John Burroughs School, St. Louis
  • 2010 – Dr. Fred Skretta, Principal, Oak Park High School, Kansas City
  • 2011 – Dr. David Holley, Kirkwood High School, Kirkwood
  • 2012 – Dr. Chris Greiner, Principal, Francis Howell High School, St. Charles
  • 2013 – Dr. John Faulkenberry, Lee’s Summit High School, Lee’s Summit
  • 2015 – Dr. Todd White, Superintendent of North Kansas City Schools, Kansas City
  • 2016 – Chris Kilbride, Superintendent of Ritenour Schools, Ritenour
  • 2017 – Clark Mershon, Principal, Staley High School, Kansas City
  • 2018 – no nominees
  • 2019 – Dr. Martin Jacobs, Principal, Liberty North High School, Liberty
  • 2020 – Dr. Dave Wedlock, Principal, Francis Howell High School, St. Charles
  • 2021 – TBD

Past national honorees include:

  • 1971 –  William L. Bowden, Kirkwood Junior High School, Kirkwood
  • 1999 – Franklin McCallie, Kirkwood High School, Kirkwood


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