2023 J-Day Awards

Certificates for MIZZOU J-Day winners will be sent to schools this week.  If there are any errors, please, contact [email protected], and they will be corrected.

Donald Johnson will send a template in case advisers would like to make additional copies.

To see the judges’ comments, please, log in to BetterBNC.  The score sheets will be available from April 1, to April 30.

Below are links to a listing of all the awards, the slideshow, and examples of the All Missouri Overall winners and the Best of Show individual winners.  Note: If there were more than one judge is a contest, each judge may have picked a Best of Show winner, which is why there may be more than one in a contest.

List of all the 2023 Awards

List of Overall Yearbook Awards

List of All State Journalism Team

List of MIJA’s 2023 Honor Roll

Slideshow of the Awards Presentation

Links to the Overall All Missouri winners:

Broadcast Overall Announcements Only:

Broadcast Overall Announcements with video:

Broadcast Overall Newsmagazine:

Newspaper/News Magazine Overall:

Online Overall:

Radio/Podcast Overall:

Yearbook Overall (We don’t have links for these):

  • Notre Dame de Sion High School–Le Flambeau–All Missouri
  • Kearney High School–Clipper–All Missouri
  • Staley High School–Legacy–All Missouri
  • University High School–Dial 2022–All Missouri
  • Lee’s Summit High School–Reflector–All Missouri
  • Liberty High School–Spectator–All Missouri
  • Liberty High School (Wentzville)–Talon–All Missouri
  • Liberty North High School–Ayrie–All Missouri
  • Lindbergh High School–Spirit 2022–All Missouri
  • Park Hill High School–Troyian–All Missouri
  • North Kansas City High School–Purgold–All Missouri
  • Rock Bridge High School–Flashback 2022–All Missouri

Onsite Photography Contest

  • Mattie Lorenz-Kickapoo High School

Links to the Best of Show Broadcast Winners

Links to the Best of Show Newspaper/News Magazine Winners

Links to the Best of Show Online Winners

Links to the Best of Show Photography Winners

Links to Best of Show Radio/Podcast Winners:

Links to the Best of Show Yearbook Winners