January Photo of the Month winners announced


First Place: Landyn Goldberg, Staley-N2 Sports Broadcasting

During the Bass Pro Tournament of Champions Dunk Contest Jan. 14, Central High School junior Antonio Starks-Fewell leaps over two people for the slam dunk. Starks-Fewell was one of the local players in the contest, where he finished third. (Landyn Goldberg, Staley-N2 Sports Broadcasting)

Judge’s Comments: There is no doubt as to what is going on in this image with regard to the environment and action. The photographer placed themselves well in order to get a clear shot that was able to stop the action at the perfect moment, and the background is clear enough to make out the court and crowd that surround the action. The caption does a nice job of providing specific detail, though a quote would help to give the subject a voice.

Second Place: Sam Brusven, Liberty-The Bell

It’s no secret many New Year’s resolutions have a tendency to fall through over time. What is commonly neglected, however, is the fact these resolutions carry the potential to negatively impact the individual who set it for themself. According to lifeprotect247.com, a whopping 81% of resolutions fall through before the month of February begins. “A lot of people I know, including myself, don’t follow New Year’s resolutions. I think over time they either just forget about them or stop caring about them. I know I do,” senior Hannah Egbert said. (Sam Brusven, Liberty-The Bell)

Judge’s Comments: This is a very unique photo illustration for the topic of New Year’s resolutions. The portrait’s emotion with the graphics overlay make the subject appear as if they are glitching, and it creates a sense of being overwhelmed and unsure, which many people feel with the new year. Based on the information provided in the caption, I believe the photographer and illustrator did a wonderful job of capturing the tone they wanted to set without being cliché or trite.

Third Place: Alex Porter, Richland R-1-The Rebel

Advance senior Hayden Hitt (12) and Richland senior Damon Ivy (23) along with teammates from both sides look for a rebound early in the first quarter of the Hornets and Rebels’ contest on Friday night. Much like this rebound, the ball and game were out of reach for Richland on the night as the Hornets made quick work of the Rebels 85-44 on Advance’s homecoming night. “We played them a lot better this time,” Ivy said. “Hopefully we get one more shot at them in the county tournament.” (Alex Porter, Richland R-1-The Rebel)

Judge’s Comments: What a fantastic angle to get a unique viewpoint of a basketball game. Not only are the players framed well, but their facial expressions and actions are all clear. There is a nice symmetry in this photograph with all the players’ hands going toward the ball that the viewer can feel the intensity of the moment. The caption also provides plenty of voice and detail to paint a full picture of the game.


Honorable Mentions: