Aubrey supports student press rights as the Knight Award winner

If student press is truly going to teach students to be the next generation of responsible journalists serving the news to their community, then they need to freely practice the power and responsibility of good journalism. With the Knight, MIPA wishes to honor a person, or people, who have provided outstanding service to scholastic or minority journalism and/or who have furthered student freedom of expression in Missouri.

North Kansas City High School journalism teacher and MIPA KC area representative Paul Aubrey is the 2019 Knight Award winner for his support of student press rights.

For 2019, the Knight Award winner is Paul Aubrey, journalism teacher at North Kansas City High School, who has supported the New Voices movement since it started in Missouri, but has ramped up his efforts in the last year.

The nomination reads, “In his first year as the KC area representative on the MIPA board of directors, Paul Aubrey chose to head a committee he’s passionate about — the New Voices legislative committee. The schools in Missouri could not hope to have a stronger voice fighting for student press rights! This school year, he has been the most vocal advocate MIPA has seen in years. As his school district’s NEA representative, he asked the national convention to consider supporting New Voices on a national level — that was approved! He’s also been interviewed by several media outlets to explain the Missouri New Voices act and its impact on student journalism in our state. He has been clear, easily understood and his passion spills out of the articles. He plans to supports the new sponsor, since the last sponsor lost re-election. This new sponsor has been working quickly in Jefferson City. We are confident he will be instrumental in bringing this proposed law to fruition this spring legislative season.”

Judges wrote: “As a first-year member, I feel as is Paul has really stepped up and taken on quite a bit of responsibility for MIPA. His dedication and hard work is evident.” and  “Great option–fighting for our first amendment rights! Go Paul!”

Service award recipients will be recognized at the annual Journalism Day on Monday, March 25, at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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