April Photo of the Month Contest winners announced

Thank you to all students who have participated in the monthly photo challenges. We’ve seen dozens of excellent photos, so keep up the great work. Below are the results for April’s winners. The theme was “Endurance.”

1st Place: Lilly ConcannonNotre Dame de Sion

Lilly Concannon
As sophomore attackman Delaney Minor carries the ball down the field, she gets up close and personal against St. Teresa’s Academy’s (STA) senior Rose Crowe April 4. Despite the home field advantage, the lacrosse team fell to STA 5-15. “Playing against STA is very nerve-racking because they are our biggest rival,” Minor said, “although sometimes we do have losses, we know we leave it all on the field and that’s all we can do.”

Judges’ Comments: The photographer stopped the action, had a sharp focus and captured great facial expressions from both players. Consider cropping a little tighter on the right-hand side. The caption was well-written and had a wonderful quote that related to the image as well.

2nd Place: Paige HuhmanLee’s Summit North

Paige Huhman
Working hard to keep up in school, Bailey Willis, 10, does homework while waiting for her next volleyball match. “It’s hard to keep up with school work when you travel a lot for club volleyball. I work on homework every chance I get to stay caught up in school,” said Willis. Willis’ team ended up tying for 5th with four other teams out of 54 teams.

Judges’ Comments: I love the different take on the “Endurance” theme. I also like that the photographer captured the isolation of the student working on homework but also her proximity to the audience and the games going on in the background. Nice detail to caption as well. Careful with post-editing, though, if it was used. Some of the colors look a little too saturated.

Honorable Mention: Darcy Davis, North Kansas City

Darcy Davis
Junior Brian Pelico-Ricardez runs against 20mph winds during a freezing cold track practice. “Sometimes we just have to power through as a long distance running group to finish our warm-ups and laps despite the weather,” Pelico-Ricardez said.

Judges’ Comments: A little bit more grain/noise in the photo than I would like to see. Love the contrast between the runner in the foreground of the photo and walkers behind. Nice use of leading lines and rule of thirds. It’s as if the runner will run right out of the frame. Consider getting a little lower and closer to the track.