Trojan TV tops list of Broadcast Challenge winners

The judges were super impressed by the entries in Challenge #3 Broadcast Story. Here’s those winners!

Trojan TV News

First Place: Shelby Fletcher, Rylie Estes, Logan Mitchell of Park Hill High School’s Trojan TV News








Blue Jay Journal

Second Place: Megan Duncan, Grace Bryson, McKenzie Whelan, Allison Meyer of Washington High School’s Blue Jay Journal TV









Trojan TV News

Third Place: Alicia Stout and Salome Yimer of Park Hill High School’s Trojan TV News









Blue Jay Journal

Honorable Mention #1: Kaden Meyer, Emma Duncan, Natalie Oesterly, Molly Tinkey of Washington High School’s Blue Jay Journal TV









South Side Scoop

Honorable Mention #2: Mary Garrett and Aidan Nolte of Park Hill South High School’s The South Side Scoop



Judging this contest was an enjoyable process. I am impressed by the quality of the entries and the strength of the programs who entered. I really had a difficult time deciding between First and Second Place. Both of these story packages were top notch!

I want to point out that there were some issues that all broadcast students could all learn from.

  1. Great videography doesn’t matter if the reporter’s script is lacking. Writing matters! Yes, even in broadcast!
  2. I was a little underwhelmed by the amount of Sports entries. The theme was tradition. Sports can fit that well, but I do want to point out the Second Place winners from Washington looked beyond athletics and found something unique that fits that theme well.
  3. Do not be afraid to do stand ups. The First Place entry is just WOW. Shelby has a great voice and is a pro on camera! Well done! I am curious, did you really make that shot?
  4. WHITE BALANCE YOUR SHOTS! Nearly every entry had some issues with this. If you forget to white balance in the field, fix it in edit.
  5. Use a tripod.
  6. Include a sign out or tag.
  7. Natural sounds take us to a place. Audio is very important in Broadcast. I loved the First Place piece’s use of it, as well as Second Place! They both found great moments to insert natural sounds.

Overall, great job. I am excited for the future of broadcast when I see work like this put out by high school students! You are making sure the future of reporting and strong storytelling remains in good hands!