February Photo of the Month winners announced


First Place: Zoe Yim, Smithville-The Warrior

Alexander Hutchcraft (11) wrestles during the state finals. During the match many technical violations were not called leaving coaches angry. “Wrestling really defines who I am today. It’s physically built me and mentally pushes you,” said Hutchcraft. (Zoe Yim, Smithville-The Warrior)

Judge’s Comments: There is so much going on in this photo that as first the viewer doesn’t know where to look. But as you analyze each individual element, you can see a whole story unfolding. In addition to good framing, clarity and exposure, there is no doubt about the emotional intensity in this photograph. There’s the action of the wrestlers, the intent gaze of the official and then the clear frustration of the coaches. This photographer was able to capture an entire story that requires no elaboration in one image, which is an impressive feat.

Second Place: Finn Wenta, Park Hill South-The South Paw

Despite being eight months past the overturn of Roe V. Wade, peaceful protesters still line the roads in protest. They never spoke or yelled, but the honking of cars that sped by had said it all. (Finn Wenta, Park Hill South-The South Paw)

Judge’s Comments: This is such an effective way to approach photographing a protest. Not only was the photographer able to focus on just one person to create a clear subject, but framing them through a passing car’s window adds movement and a clear setting. Furthermore, the gaze of the subject almost makes it feel like they are directly looking at the viewer, calling them into action.

Third Place: Aniya Sparrow, Francis Howell Central-FHCtoday

Reacting with joy and surprise, Mrs. Michelle Getz and senior Makel Mouser perform at the winter pep assembly on Feb. 10. (Aniya Sparrow, Francis Howell Central-FHCtoday)

Judge’s Comments: This is such a fun photo. Both the subjects look like they are just having a blast, but more than that, the photographer did a great job of framing this to have that repetition of action. The exposure is nice as well, especially since you can make out the size of the crowd behind the subjects with such clarity.

Honorable Mentions: