January Photo of the Month winners announced


First Place: Sophia Eaton, Rock Bridge High School

It is unknown if the existing vaccines will prove effective on this new strain of Covid-19. New evidence was found that some immune responses driven by current vaccines could be less effective against some of the new variants of the coronavirus. This piece was made to symbolize American distrust in healthcare. (Sophia Eaton)

Judge’s Comments: This is an extremely relevant photo illustration for right now, and the photographer did a great job of setting a mood that captures the essence of the message they are trying to convey. Even though it is an illustration, they also adhere to rule of thirds, and the clarity and lighting is clear and effective.

Second Place: Ada Pipkins, Francis Howell High School

Looking at the water, freshman Elizabeth Sorocko performs her dive, Jan. 5 at the Saint Peters Rec Plex against Timberland. Timberland won with a score of 142 to Howell’s 70. (Ada Pipkins)

Judge’s Comments: This is a refreshing take on swimming and diving pictures. The photographer was in the perfect spot to capture the subject in her environment in a clear and properly exposed image, which can be very challenging with the speed of the action and the lighting situation of a pool. My only suggestion would be to frame the subject a bit tighter, and if possible, add a quote to the caption.

Third Place: Ana Manzano, Rock Bridge High School

Senior guard Nick Arndt makes a layup against the Capital City Cavaliers on Tuesday, Jan. 5. The Bruins won the game 71-45. (Ana Manzano)

Judge’s Comments: While the framing of the image is a bit off (hands and feet are cut off at points), it is the expression and emotion that comes through in the subject’s face that makes this image. The audience can clearly feel the athlete’s determination in the moment. The photographer also did a nice job with exposure, but a quote in the caption would give more voice to the subject.

Honorable Mention: Maggie Carpenter, Notre Dame de Sion

Performing with the ensemble of ‘The Theory of Relativity’, junior Tess Tappan reaches out to the video camera from her own galaxy decorated soapbox, Jan. 14. The musical was held in the gym this year and crew and cast were given two open tickets each night for family and friends, while students and faculty were invited to watch any of the available live streams. ” I had a few family members from around the country watch, and I’m really glad I could share this with them,” Tappan said. “The show is about connectivity, a reminder of how everyone is loved and needed and important. It’s especially fitting during a global pandemic when people need that reminder of how we are all here and now, together, and we will get through this.” (Maggie Carpenter)

Judge’s Comments: Even with the subject’s eyes as the only visible part of her face, there is an intensity to her expression that is interesting, almost as if the viewer can sense her movement from the still image. Though the clarity might not be the sharpest, the photographer did a great job of framing the main subject in the foreground while capturing the background subjects in a repetitive way. The caption is also very well-written.