Thursday’s Tips-June 2, 2016

#1. Don’t forget NSPA Broadcast and Newspaper Pacemakers are due June 30: nspaheaderlogo NSPA Individual Awards are due too and go across nearly all mediums (from what I see!) click here and scroll down to that section:

#2. The newly elected MIPA Board had their first meeting on Tuesday May 31st, and will meet again in June. Exciting things coming up for MIPA! Also, on that note, if you have any ideas for JDay speakers OR donors to contribute $ to the Teacher of the Year and/or Student of the Year contest, email MT at [email protected] so she can contact/coordinate. Please and thank you. Summer is the time we are working on much of this.

#3. On that note, do any of you have any photos of kids in their MIPA shirts we tossed out at JDAY? email them to [email protected] too 🙂

#4. Interesting read from the Missouri School of Journalism on attitudes about news and how those are across generations…

#5. Often, I have heard teachers tell students over and over to not use WIKI… but what if we told them they should…and that it’s their job to improve WIKI? Check this out:

#6. hmmm? France is banning work-related email on weekends?! This is interesting and something to really make us think…worth talking over with students, too. Are we, as Americans, working “too much” ???

#7. (Fitting because this is #7, see what I did here?) Seven Things I Wish People Understood About Being a Teacher:

#8. And, last but not least, a long overdue shout out to one of our own. Congrats to Mexico HS for Winning the RFK this year! See here:

Michelle Anne Turner Washington High School Photo I, Photo II, Art Appreciation Television Production “Blue Jay Journal TV”