Thursday Tips – Oct. 27


By  Michelle Turner

I hope you are all enjoying and working hard on the current MIPA Challenge that is mainly for newspaper/newsmag and yearbook. Topics were sent last Wed and the deadline of Nov 2 will be here before we know it.

Here’s the scoop:
Note: The next round of challenges will be in January.

#1. tips to increase your twitter click rate:

#2. 9 Key Elements to Help Journalists be Better Video Storytellers:

#3. The Surprising Genius of the “I Voted” Sticker:

#4. CSPAN Student Cam Contest is OPEN:

#5. Wireless Foundation Drive Smart Now Contest is OPEN:

#6. 9 Graphic Design Trends in 2016:

#7. How to get involved with JEA:

#8. Life Lessons Thanks to Yearbook:

#9. Photography and Cutlines Training:

#10 is this… have a great Halloween! Boo! 🙂