Thursday’s Tips-June 16

#1. I just watched this show from HTV out of Springfield, Missouri that was produced this spring. I highly recommend you watch it, share it with your students, etc. Stories are all around us. This is an EXCELLENT example of HS Journalism at its finest (WARNING: Keep the tissue handy, I cried 4 times watching it!):

#2. Folks, it’s summer… learn how to make some brown bears for you and your family!

#3. Here’s inspiration from a top Boston sports photographer:

#4. Night Photography Tips:

#5. New Law Requires MO HS Students to Learn CPR:

#6. How to Manage the 4 Types of Teachers You See in Professional Development:

#7. The Ultimate Guide to Yearbook Marketing:

#8. How Journalists Can Become Better Interviewers:

Michelle Anne Turner Washington High School Photo I, Photo II, Art Appreciation Television Production “Blue Jay Journal TV”