October Photo of the Month winners announced

We had another great month of photo submissions! Below are the winners for October’s contest.


First Place: Ada Pipkins, Francis Howell High School

Swimming the 400 freestyle relay, freshman Will Cottle breathes during his race at the St. Peters Rec Plex, Oct. 5. (Ada Pipkins)

Judge’s Comments: Swimming can be a very challenging sport to photograph, but the photographer did an excellent job of capturing the swimmer at the right moment with the right exposure. The spray of water gives the picture momentum, and the swimmer’s facial expression gives it emotion. The caption, however, could use a quote or more information to offer more insight into the moment and what the subject was feeling.

Second Place: Charlene Nguyen, Liberty High School

Seniors Keegan Ward, Katie Mackey Juniors Tegan Brown, Kellen Reeve and Sophomores Alana Bryson, Reese McFather perform at the halftime show against Raymore Peculiar on October 16th. This hip hop dance was supposed to be performed at the annual HOCO assembly, but it was cancelled due to COVID-19. “It was very sad to learn the HOCO pep assembly was cancelled, but it was nice to get to show off our work to the crowd,” Ward said. (Charlene Nguyen)

Judge’s Comments: The angle and repetition in this picture, while not perfectly aligned, draws the eye in and makes it feel like the viewer is there. The subjects offer great facial expressions, and the photographer did a nice job of framing their focal point. The caption is also well-written.

Third Place: Kaylin Higgins, Kearney High School

Kearney Golden Girls lead the small student section in the fight song after a Kearney touchdown at the homecoming game, putting the Bulldogs up by seven. Due to COVID-19, no student section was allowed at games until this Homecoming game. “Although the student section wasn’t what we were used to, it gave me a feeling of normalcy that I had really been missing,” senior Maddie Leighr said. (Kaylin Higgins)

Judge’s Comments: This picture is less about the subject and more about the atmosphere, which it fully captured. So while the screen might be blown out in the background, the fireworks are cleanly featured and the subjects well-composed to balance out the multiple focal points in this image. The caption does a good job of articulating the visual elements of the picture as well.

Honorable Mention: Myah Snider, Nixa High School

Freshman Addison Harmon dismounts from her cheerleading stunt where she is cheering on the Nixa varsity football team after their 21-14 lead.  (Myah Snider)

Judge’s Comments: Though the subject’s face is not clearly visible, her profile still shows emotion. The photographer was also able to capture the moment where the subject is simply suspended in air without support. The caption, however, could use a quote or more information to offer more insight into the moment and what the subject was feeling.

Honorable Mention: Emma Thom, Staley High School

On the sidelines, juniors Zachary Sherwood, Anderson Hendershot and coach Jared Simmons watch the play. Varsity defense was able to make an important play and stop the opponents from making a first down Oct. 9, winning 45-6 against Oak Park High School. “I felt excited and a bit worried that it wasn’t going to go right, but after the play I was extremely excited because our defense made the stop,” said Sherwood. (Emma Thom)

Judge’s Comments: While the framing is off in this image, it is the facial expressions that make it. The viewer might not know what is happening, but from the subjects’ facial expressions, it is clear that it was a big moment in the game. Many photographers only aim for action shots when photographing sports, but this is a good example that important moments can also be captured on the sidelines.