December Photo of the Month winners announced


First Place: McKenna McBroom, Richland R-1-The Rebel

Richland sophomore Tucker Miller (left) puts up a shot over Dexter senior Logan Josupait during the second quarter of their contest on Monday night. Miller hit the bucket, but the Rebels never could get their offense going as the Rebels fell 84-30. With the loss for Richland and the win for the Bearcats, both teams’ records now stand at 4-2. The Rebels and Bearcats are both scheduled to play in the Bloomfield Christmas Tournament next week, with Dexter seeded in the No. 1 spot and Richland coming in at No. 12. (McKenna McBroom, Richland R-1-The Rebel)

Judge’s Comments: What an amazing approach to photographing basketball. Not only does the image clearly capture the action and facial expressions of the two main subjects, but it presents a unique viewpoint without losing compositional techniques as well. The caption is very informative, though a quote would help give voice to the image.


Second Place: Isabel Gamble, Central-Résumé Yearbook

Andrew Hellman (12) and Benjamin Loughary (09), in their roles as Edward and Young Will, are surrounded by members of the ensemble in the fall musical, Big Fish, at the matinee performance in the auditorium on Monday, December 5, 2022. (Isabel Gamble, Central-Résumé Yearbook)

Judge’s Comments: The photographer did a nice job of taking this shot from the side rather than straight on. At this angle, the viewer is able to get a bit more depth to the image without losing that symmetry or repetition. The image is clear, colorful and captures plenty of facial expressions that add to the tone of the image as well. A quote in the caption would help to give voice to the performers, though.


Third Place: Micki Morris, Liberty-LHSToday

Isabella Pierce (12) sets one of the plays up while Coach Walterbach looks on in Liberty’s game against Francis Howell North on Dec. 2. “It’s one of our plays. It signifies our post player coming to set me with a screen,” Pierce said, who plays point guard. The position of point guard is important because “I’m like the director on the court, making sure everybody is where they are supposed to be, setting up plays, and just encouraging my teammates.” (Micki Morris, Liberty-LHSToday)

Judge’s Comments: Though a bit grainy, the photographer did a wonderful job of framing this photo so that they have a subject and action in the foreground that mimics the subject and action in the background. This adds nice depth to the image, and adds a sense of movement and intensity to it as well. The caption is very well written, though it would help to clarify that Pierce said the quoted portion in the third line to avoid any confusion (Pierce added the the position of point guard is important because they are “like the director..”).

Honorable Mentions: