November Photo of the Month winners announced

Congratulations to the winners of the November Photo of the Month contest! This month’s theme was “Gratitude.”

1st Place: Allie Free, Waynesville High School

Allie Free
During Waynesville High School’s Kindness Week assembly, two student government members pour a tub full of slime over their new principal Randy Luebbert. The student body raised nearly $190 to support an incoming freshman who had recently been diagnosed with cancer. Afterwards Luebbert commented, “Every year that I’ve been principal, I’ve always had my students put me in some kind of hilariously embarrassing situation. If it’s for a good cause, and it’s something fun to do, then I’m happy to participate.”

Judges’ Comments-

The photographer captured a memorable moment for the student population, including the look on the principal’s face. The leading lines of the slime emphasize the interaction between the students’ enjoyment and the principal’s…non-enjoyment.

I love the expression on the principal’s face. It is so at odds with the actual action of the photograph. Very sharp and clear focus and exposure. The , although I wonder if you should identify the name of the girl that is in focus as well.














2nd Place: Delaney Barlow, Blue Springs High School

Delaney Barlow
In a show of deference, senior Arriyanna Lister brushes snow off the memorial in the courtyard. The Class of 1985 purchased the monument to commemorate lost Wildcat lives, be it to natural causes or otherwise. “There is a serious issue with bullying at school and no one wants to deal with it. We’ve lost too many people in the four years we have been here. I wanted to show respect to those people that have passed,” Lister said.

Judges’ Comments-

The photographer captured a unique and touching moment. I wish I could see the subject’s face and wonder if a vertical crop may work better for this photo, especially since the crop is so close to the subject’s neck.

Nice job capturing such a tender moment, but I agree with the vertical crop. While the focus is on the action in this image, it would be nice to see the student who is doing the action. Great job capturing the movement of the snow clearly as well.






Honorable MentionJulia Irminger, Platte County High School

Julia Irminger
Embraced in a hug, senior Glen Gammill meets his parents on the track during senior night on Oct. 19 before the Blackout game. Upon seeing his parents, Gammill began to cry. “Now I realize that having them there for me has pushed me a lot and I’m thankful for that,” Gammill said. “Not only has their motivation pushed me on the field, but it has shaped me into the person I am today.”

Judges’ Comments-

The photographer captured an emotional moment. The photo does have quite a bit of grain/noise around the subject’s face. The caption is well-written.

The image captures a wonderful and emotional moment between the subjects, and it is cropped and composed well. However, I agree with the comment about noise/coloring. Perhaps the settings on the camera were slightly off, or maybe too much manipulation was done in post-editing. The caption is written extremely well and truly adds to the emotion of the photograph.