February Photo of the Month winners announced

Congratulations to the winners of the February Photo of the Month contest! This month’s theme was “Find Your Passion.”

1st Place: Ava Rawson, Notre Dame de Sion

Ava Rawson
After learning they would perform in the kick finals at the United Dance Associations Nationals Feb.1 in Orlando, Florida, seniors Caroline Hunter and Chandler Rawson hug and celebrate with their teammates. The team placed fourth in the nation in the large kick category and tenth in the large pom category. “When we heard our names called to move on to kick finals, we bursted out in screaming,” Hunter said. “We were so proud that our hard work had payed off.”

Judges’ Comments: The emotional interaction and celebration between the two subjects in the photograph, along with the strong subjects filling the frame, is what makes this photograph so great. (Just make sure you spell check your captions before publishing.)

2nd Place: MaryAnn Johnson, Liberty High School

MaryAnn Johnson
The Jazz Band screams as the Jays win the game against the NKC Hornets by one. Junior Jermaine Booker made the game-winning-buzzer-beating shot to put the team up 61 to 60. “I just looked and shot,” said Booker.

Judges’ Comments: We love that the photographer captured what appears to be an emotional moment in the game from the fans’ (bands’) perspective. The expressions of the faces that are in focus really give the image an intensity that, while not heard, can be felt.

3rd Place: Tyler Pedee, Kearney High School

Tyler Pedee
Driving to the hoop, sophomore Brendan Watkins pushes past a Raytown South defender to put up the basket. The Bulldogs lost to the Cardinals 64-48.

Judges’ Comments: The photographer stopped the action, included the ball in the shot and captured the focused intensity of the players. He also used depth of field to focus the viewers’ attention on the players but did not lose the storytelling of the crowd in the background. Try to add a quote to your caption as well in order to give a voice to it.

Honorable Mention: Michelle Rivera, North Kansas City High School

Michelle Rivera
At the Northland Career Center, Bayad Hussain, Faduma Ahmed, Nhi Nguyen, Fardowsa Ahmed, Lejla Keljic and Michaela Giglio learn how to move a “patient” from a wheelchair to a bed using a hover lift. The Health Sciences course at NCC teaches students about basic healthcare, CPR, anatomy, and medical terminology in clinical and classroom settings. “My favorite part of NCC is that I got CPR certified and that I’m getting my CNA certification,” Fardowsa Ahmed said.

Judges’ Comments: We love that a photographer was there capturing this type of moment at NCC, which is outside the “traditional” school setting. She wrote an excellent caption as well. Try to crop in a litter tighter, however, as there is quite a bit of dead space around your subjects.