Wash U offers Missouri its first First Amendment Clinic

The School of Law at Washington University in St. Louis launched a new First Amendment Clinic, to provide legal assistance to organizations, students, journalists and citizens.

The mission of the First Amendment Clinic works to protect and advance the First Amendment freedoms of speech, press, and assembly.

The Clinic provides pro bono representation to organizations, journalists, students, and other individuals in matters raising First Amendment issues.

The Clinic also advises and assists newsgatherers by helping them access public records and meetings, and defending them against attempts to interfere with their ability to report and disseminate the news.

In addition, the Clinic promotes First Amendment rights through educational efforts and advocacy aimed at making change through means other than litigation. 

Second- and third-year law students work on the Clinic’s cases under the supervision of clinic director Lisa Hoppenjans. If you have a matter on which you believe the Clinic may be able to provide assistance, contact Lisa Hoppenjans at [email protected]. 

For more information on the program, read this story: https://source.wustl.edu/2019/08/school-of-law-opens-first-amendment-clinic/