Invite School of Journalism faculty to your classroom

This week, Stacey Woelfel, professor at the Missouri School of Journalism and the director of the Jonathan B. Murray Center for Documentary Journalism, visited my classroom to share six types of documentary styles with my beginning broadcast students. This was an exceptional introduction to the unit they will start after our spring break!

Missouri School of Journalism professor Stacey Woelfel presents to Journalism 1 Broadcast students at Oak Park High School, Kansas City.

Students were engaged, asked relevant questions and really took a lot away from the presentation. He provided examples and explanations I don’t have the experience or materials to cover myself. I think my students have a much deeper understanding of how documentarians approach their craft, and why they would choose one style over another. Before class, Woelfel and I discussed my goal for students’ first documentary assignment. Then, during his presentation, he gave them specific tips and items to think about during their own work!

Plus, a few of my upper level newsmagazine and broadcast students traded their classes to be able to hear him speak too. It was an easy switch with their teachers. I took their block, and sent the teachers my students in our next class block, so no class time was lost anywhere.

MIPA has offered to help members bring speakers to their classrooms for several years. Last fall, we made it even easier and set up a form for members to request this service — 

The School of Journalism sent recruitment materials for me to share with students.

You can request any journalism-related topic and someone at the School will match you up with a speaker.

Some professors may visit your classroom; others are available digitally with webinars or Skype sessions.

I really hope more of our members take advantage of this exceptional resource through the MIPA partnership with the School of Journalism.

***This opportunity and more were shared on the Membership Flyer last fall.