Kearney leads list of Broadcast Challenge winners


Judges reviewed the entries in Challenge #2, and found excellence in the Broadcast PSA category.

Broadcast PSA Challenge – 30 seconds 

Theme: “You Don’t Have to be Great to Start, but You Have to Start to be Great”

Judge’s Comments: 

“It is my belief that great Public Service Announcements have certain key elements.

  1. They make the audience think.
  2. They elicit an emotional response in the viewer(s).
  3. They have a beginning, middle, and an end.
  4. They lack technical issues that distract from the main message.

“All three of the top PSAs in this division do all this and more, but the top entry from Kearney High School hit on #2 more deeply than any of the PSAs submitted for this contest. You took the general theme provided, and gave us an excellent storyline that tugs at the heartstrings.

“Thank you for the chance to judge. I enjoyed watching all entries – even the ones that did not make the top three.

“I would like to add that there was one entry that I was seriously considering giving an “honorable mention” to, but due to a spelling mistake on one of the graphics that I caught, I just couldn’t. Spelling matters, even in PSAs! Share that with everyone because sometimes I think people assume in broadcast we shouldn’t get hung up on spelling and grammar, but we should! ”

First Place: Macy Higgins of Kearney High School, KHS-TV

Macy Higging, KHS-TV










Second Place: Megan Duncan, Joie Heien, Jocelyn Dixon of Washington High School, Blue Jay Journal TV

Megan Duncan, Joie Heien, Jocelyn Dixon, Blue Jay Journal TV










Third Place: Soon Jen Pak, Malyssa Christian, Debra King, Reiden Ogden of Park Hill High School, Trojan TV News

Soon Jen Pak, Malyssa Christian, Debra King, Reiden Ogden, Trojan TV


No winners were named in the Feature Story Challenge.

Don’t forget! Challenge #1, the new Strat Comm Challenge closes later this month, Wednesday, Nov. 20. Finish up that awesome work!

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