February Photo of the Months Contests winners announced

We had some great submissions this month! Below are the results for February.


1st Place: Dillan Elmquist,  Notre Dame de Sion

Dillan Elmquist
During the annual blood drive Feb. 14, junior Maggie McKinney flinches as the nurse begins to draw blood. McKinney passed out several times after her donation. “I chose to give blood because I felt like I should give back to those in need, especially since millions of people in the country rely on blood transfusions to save their lives,” McKinney said.

Judges’ Comments: What a wonderful facial expression. The exposure is great, and the caption fully explains the image and adds voice to the subject. Don’t forget rules of third, though, when framing.

2nd Place: Ana Manzano,  Rock Bridge High School

Ana Manzano
Senior Sanaa’ St Andre makes a lay-up against Miller Career Academy at the varsity basketball game Wednesday, Feb. 19. The first half of the girls’ basketball game was tight, and neither team was able to settle a lead above six points.

Judges’ Comments: The exposure is a little dark, but the timing is perfect. The photographer did a great job of capturing the ball, hoop and facial expressions. A quote would help add more character to the quote.

3rd Place: Ava Stoltz,  Notre Dame de Sion

Ava Stoltz
Varsity basketball captain junior Shannon Karlin goes in for a basket and knocks down St. Teresa’s Academy senior Grace Kauten in the process during the rival basketball game February 27. The Storm defeated St. Teresa’s 53-42 and was awarded the Irish Cup trophy. “The game feels like a blur,” Karlin said. “I was so excited to beat St. Teresa’s not only because of the rivalry but also because it was our senior night.”

Judges’ Comments: Great job stopping the action. While the cropping of the opposing player is somewhat off, the photographer did a nice job of focusing on the subject’s expression and movements. The caption is also very well written.