#JDay2020 is cancelled, more information to come soon

Because of COVID-19 and the necessary cancellations at the University of Missouri, the MIPA Board of Directors is sad to announce the cancellation of #JDay2020.

Our first priority is the health and safety of our scholastic journalism family, and we intend to comply fully with recommendations for staying safe during this time. We will be working to bring our members as much of the Journalism Day experience as possible in an online format. Please keep your eyes on our website, Facebook and Twitter, as well as the listserv for further details and materials.

We appreciate your patience, understanding and cooperation as we navigate this unprecedented situation. Stay safe and healthy, and we look forward to seeing you back at JDay next year.

NOTE: As of now, these events are still scheduled, please encourage your students to start thinking about:

  • Missouri Advertising & Public Relations Workshop, June 20-26, 2020
  • Missouri Investigative Journalism Workshop, June 20-26, 2020
  • Missouri University Journalism Workshop, June 20-26, 2020
  • Attending the J-Summit at East Central College in the fall.

If you are in a school district using e-learning, here’s a few resources to help you with your lesson planning:

  • Register to sign up for the new series of lessons created by the Missouri School of Journalism. More information is available in the flyer.
  • If you are a JEA member, use your log in to access their curriculum materials.
  • SchoolJournalism.org offers lessons, discussion starters and the First Amendment PSA contest is live now.
  • The Poynter Institute offers several tuition-free classes. A complete list of all free classes can be found here by selecting “free” in the catalog. It is also hosting a “How to Effectively Teach Online” webinar Friday, March 13, sign up here.

Sincerely, Your MIPA Board of Directors