March & April Photo of the Month Contest winners announced

We apologize for the delay in sharing the photo submissions for March. With schools being closed and all the educational adjustments, we fell behind schedule. Thank you to all of the wonderful Missouri photographers who participated this year. Hopefully we will see your images up here again in the fall! Have a wonder (and safe) summer.


1st Place: Sophia Eaton, Rock Bridge High School

Sophia Eaton
The “March March” parade is the annual kick-off event for True/False; it was free for all community members. The organization encouraged participants to dress up in bright and colorful attire and march down 9th St. where performers collected an audience outside of Missouri Theater.

Judges’ Comments: We love the different angle you took of the action while still maintain a clear focal point. It does a wonderful job of showing the size of the crowd and the location of the event.

2nd Place: Ana Manzano, Rock Bridge High School

Junior Xavier Sykes jumps over a member of the Lakers team at the sectionals game Wednesday, March 11. Though the win was a team effort, it is undeniable that Sykes’ performance throughout the game was a major contributor to their victory. Sykes said, “Our hope is to go out play well so we can go to the final four for the third time in a row.”

Judges’ Comments: Great job stopping the action and capturing the facial expressions of the players. Crop just a smidge tighter to avoid the arm with no body on the right-hand side of the shot.

3rd Place: Emily Grimm, North Kansas City High School

Emily Grimm
Track athlete JaDora Hood, sophomore, practices her long jump on March 10. This practice was one of the last track team practices before Spring Break and the shutdown on all school activities due to coronavirus. “The team works well together. It’s not at all separated in different events; all events kind of cheer for each other and just pick each other up,” Hood said.

Judges’ Comments: Excellent job stopping the action at the right moment. Consider a tighter crop as there is quite a bit of dead space around the subject and action.

Honorable Mention: Patty Reyes, North Kansas City High School

Patty Reyes
Sophomore Patty Reyes spreads hygiene awareness about COVID-19 for an assignment in her online Spanish class. COVID-19 forced North Kansas City High School to close for the school year, but students continued their classes online. “I don’t mind the online assignments, most are fun and lighthearted like this one, but I do miss my friends and teachers,” Reyes said.

Judges’ Comments: Great job making the focal point something other than a face. However, watch your cropping. It would be nice not to have part of the fingers cut off since the right hand is framed so cleanly.