October Photo of the Month winners announced


First Place: Harrison Graham, Liberty High School

Liberty High School varsity football players, senior Caden Krutsinger, senior Mike Capria, senior Charlie Dipoto, senior Tyler Liniger, junior Corbin Martin, and senior Cam Lawson practice on October 26 at the Liberty High School football field. The team has put forth an immense amount of effort towards making the best of this season. “The key factor towards our dedication to the team has mainly been the environment we’ve made for ourselves. Having each other’s support encourages us to work our hardest,” junior varsity player Sam Pisciotta said. (caption by Kalea Faubion) (Harrison Graham)

Judge’s Comments: This is a very clever and unique approach to getting a different perspective on football. It offers the viewer an opportunity to put themselves into the opposing team’s point of view, which they wouldn’t otherwise get unless they were a player on the field. The photographer also did a nice job of positioning the camera so the helmet doesn’t block out any crucial elements in the picture, like faces or the football.

Second Place: Faye Ross, Kearney High School 

First-time tennis assistant coach Toni Sinclair watches as the girl’s tennis team plays in doubles. “The girls’ overall performance this year has been amazing. They are all so dedicated and enthusiastic,” Sinclair said. “Every level of player improved as the season went on. They all took every match and learned from it to help them the next time they were on the court.” (Faye Ross)

Judge’s Comments: There is an intensity to this photograph that comes through without the viewer even being able to see the subject’s face. The photographer did a great job of incorporating different composition elements such as rule of thirds, leading lines, selective focus and repetition. It would be nice to have a bit more breathing room on the bottom of the image right under the coach’s name, but the focus and story of this image is clear to the audience.

Third Place: Ava Musgraves, Webster High School

Senior Varsity cheerleader Victoria Proffer practices stunt before senior night at Moss Field on Friday, Oct. 22. Photo by Ava Musgraves (Ava Musgraves)

Judge’s Comments: The photographer did a nice job of getting a different angle for this shot. By keeping low, none of the action is lost, and that bit of blur adds movement to the picture. The framing is just slightly off; try approaching this shot as a vertical image instead of a horizontal.

Honorable Mentions