December Photo of the Month winners announced


First Place: Alexandria Secaida, Staley High School

Dunking the basketball, junior Brogan Donaldson makes a two-point shot after a slow start in the beginning of the game Dec.11. Junior Varsity won the game 60-45 against Blue Springs High School. “The reason we won this game was because we didn’t give up after our slow start in the first,” said Donaldson. (Alexandria Secaida)

Judge’s Comments: The photographer did an excellent job of stopping the action with a clear exposure at the right moment. The framing captures all the importance action and subjects, including their expressions, and the caption is also written well.

Second Place: Claire Lowry, Platte County High School

Flames in his hand, junior Cole Rhoden volunteers for the Chemistry 1 lab on Dec. 3. Students in Chemistry 1 classes dipped their hands in water and then scooped methane bubbles before having their hands lit on fire. “I was scared that my hands were actually going to get burned,” Rhoden said. “The flames were cold on my hands, and it didn’t feel like they were even on fire.” (Claire Lowry)

Judge’s Comments: This picture is a refreshing take on an academic photo. To be able to properly frame the subject with the flame while also having a clear exposure is very impressive.

Third Place: Ada Pipkins, Francis Howell High School

Swimming the 200 meter individual medley race, junior Megan Clark breathes during butterfly. “I’m pretty happy with my race and time. I swam 2 seconds faster than I did 2 day before,” Clark said. “This season has been more difficult than past seasons to get back into shape, so dropping time within a 2 day period was really exciting.” (Ada Pipkins)

Judge’s Comments: The angle is perfect for this action shot, and the exposure is very clear. The framing, however, is a bit off as there is too much empty space at the bottom and the subject is very near the top. It does allow a clear view of the swimmer’s reflection, though.

Honorable Mention: Mackenzie Nelson, Kearney High School

Sophomore Grace Cervantes escapes her Grain Valley opponent’s grasp during the Kearney Women’s Wrestling Invite on Saturday, Dec. 19. “The girls did great,” Head Coach Nick Ward said. “Some of the younger and newer girls stepped on the line for the first time and registered their first wins. They’re getting tougher and starting to buy into what we’re trying to get them to do, but the main positive is they are getting more aggressive and confident.” (Mackenzie Nelson)

Judge’s Comments: The photographer captured an intense moment that clearly caught the action of the moment with clear subjects and expressions. The clarity is a little grainy, but the angle and framing work well.