April Photo of the Month Contest winners announced


First Place: Rebecca Hornberger, Francis Howell Central

Lead actress, junior Aniya Sparrow, who portrayed Emma in The Spotlight Players production of “Emma!: A Pop Musical,” sings the high note of “Man I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain. “Emma!” is a jukebox musical featuring many well-known songs that keep the audience engaged. “I’ve been in many shows before, but this production has by far been the hardest I’ve ever worked and I think it’s really paid off. Everyone put so much effort into their character and the technical aspects and that’s what made the production so successful. I’m so grateful that I got the opportunity to play Emma, and I’ll never forget how much fun I had or the feeling of being on the stage playing this character,” Sparrow said. (Rebecca Hornberger, Francis Howell Central)

Judge’s Comments: The photographer did a wonderful job of creating a clear focal point in their image, while also allowing for a bit of repeated action in the background that adds to the depth of the photo. It is almost as if the viewer can hear the singers’ voices. Additionally, photographing theater performances can be challenging with the lighting situation, but this image is clear and properly color balanced, and the color that is featured gives the image vibrancy.

Second Place: Emilia Belcolore, Kickapoo

Sophomore Shaun Campbell avoids the tag while sliding into home plate, increasing the winning gap between the Kickapoo Chiefs and the Willard Tigers. “What I enjoy about baseball is getting hyped, getting loud… and just love being around my teammates,” Campbell said. The Chiefs beat the Tigers 10-8 improving their winning percentage to 83.3 percent. (Emilia Belcolore, Kickapoo)

Judge’s Comments: While the clarity is not the sharpest, the photographer captured an excellent moment of action. The audience can see emotion and action for each of the subjects, and the image is free of distraction as well. Additionally, the photographer still managed to follow proper framing guidelines in the heat of the moment.

Third Place: Hailey Steinbach, Staley

At a throwers-only meet held at Fort Osage High School April 19, senior Kule’a Grace gets ready to release her javelin. Grace estimated the number of backwards steps to take from the throwing line, which was 26. “I went into javelin because my brother was really good at it and told me I had to come, and I did,” Grace said. “And I don’t regret it.” (Hailey Steinbach, Staley)

Judge’s Comments: The clarity on this image is great, but it is the action and the subject’s facial expression that truly make it an excellent photo. The audience can feel the athlete’s determination and force as she goes to throw. The background is a bit distracting with the other team members, but the framing allows for nothing to be cut off from the main subject.

Honorable Mentions